Tildelinger Design 2023

Avdeling Design valgte i år å gi stipend til følgende kandidater:

Ali Onat Turker, master design fordypning interiørarkitektur og møbeldesign, for avgangsprosjektet «Corporeal Spectactor: Redesigning the seat and the screen of the observer»

Juryens begrunnelse:
The project highlights the issues of today’s understanding of comfort and domestic arrangements/layouts, where the key focus is to question our understanding of comfort and its political and societal implications. The candidate convincingly outlines how these notions are linked to capitalism, how they contribute to a sedated society of de-politicized subjects, as well as how design could help by challenging our own professional definitions and presuppositions. Through speculative scenarios the candidate cleverly suggests that the emancipation of the body should dictate how we arrange our spaces and make use of technologies of architecture and of the self.

Zarina Saidova, master design fordypning grafisk design og illustrasjon, for avgangsprosjektet «Et godt sted»

Juryens begrunnelse:
The students at GI, both on BA and MA, have tackled difficult subjects this year. We are impressed by their courage and boldness. It bodes well for the future. They will be an asset in the media of the future, no matter what. We need those who can draw attention to flaws in society and problems around us. We need those who can tame the algorithms and economic graphs. We need those who can describe diagnoses and what happens after death. This year’s scholarship goes to a student who worked with a timeless theme, the involuntary departure, flight, and desired arrival, in a good place. Zarina Saidova pushes the boundaries of comics and makes the reader a co-creator. The printed version consists of five parts, which can be read in any order, and the same story unfolds on the exhibition wall, which will change during the exhibition period, and in the animations. It is the journey that makes the destination worthwhile. But is it ahead or behind us?

Lydia May Hann, master design fordypning klesdesign og kostymedesign, for the project «Shapeless Grey Cloth»

Juryens begrunnelse:
Not only a singular project, but a practice of exploring many important and relevant perspectives on folk stories, ecology, relations, skin, and garments: This work constitutes a relevant addition to the post human discourse, and is an example of situated knowledge in materialised form. The designer speaks from a genuine and specific point of partial view, immerses herself in her theme, and invites the audience, sometimes functioning as participants, and collaborators, to join her in dialogue. In Lydia Hanns project «Shapeless Grey Cloth», a tradition of folklore becomes an affective ‘hanger’ to explore the idea of the skin as an entrance to discuss what it means to put on a costume. Substituting the term costume, she says the right skin holds the power of transformation and that it offers access into this power of transformation, and gives entrance to how the body, person, skin merge and blur. She describes a notion of meeting the material as an equal and touch on human – non human collaboration and care. The work shares a beautiful journey – and demonstrates a sensibility to shifting contexts and an ability to absorb the unforeseen for use in her research matrix. Documentation and written reflections produced as part of artistic outcome makes it available to a wider audience. Lydia aims to elevate craft in the field of costume and costume in the performative field, and to center costume in performance. The methodology and design practice developed in the project Becoming a Selkie is a valuable contribution to the fields of artistic research and critical design practice.

Kandidatene blir tildelt kr 12.000 hver.

Fondet for Kunst og Designstudenter (FKDS) gratulerer prisvinnerne så mye og ønsker lykke til videre.